Smart textiles for STEM training - Skills4Smartex
Project title: Smart textiles for STEM training - Skills4Smartex
Objectives of the project:
  • a Guide for smart practices meant for supporting innovation in textile enterprises
  • a Course in smart textiles, meant for multi-disciplinary thinking
  • a Dedicated e-learning instrument, meant for channeling the interest of VET students for "serious games"
  • Improving the skills of VET students by means of practical work in constructing a smart textile prototype
Approach of Skills4Smartex:
  • Improving knowledge, skills and employability of VET students in STEM related fields by providing adequate training instruments to understand multi-disciplinary approach or multi-disciplinary principles by means of smart textiles.
Skills4Smartex envisages the following Outcomes:
  • Intellectual Outputs:
    1. Guide for smart practices;
    2. Course in smart textiles;
    3. Dedicated e-learning instrument.
  • Multiplier events: 6 workshops (for 120 professionals from the textile industry)
  • Blended courses: 6 blended courses (for 100 trainees)
Target group:
A. 120 Young professional from textile enterprises
addressed by Multiplier events (Workshops)
B. 100 VET students in secondary education and students in basic stage of higher education
addressed by Blended courses and direct approach (leaflets, CDs, website & dedicated e-learning instrument)

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